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Blueberry Nights

About us

The newly opened cosy and stylish Blueberry Nights hotel, located in downtown, right in the centre of our well-known Restaurant Lolita, offering delicious breakfast and other meals with an open bar and grill, and a famous meeting place for artists, locals and visitors of Tbilisi.

Spacious and sun-lit rooms with views of authentic Tbilisi yards and urban landscapes, offer movie theaters (equipped with hi definition projectors) at a single click of the remote, featuring carefully selected movies along with the modern day streaming services stocked with all kinds of content stretching from films to sports, news and famous TV shows.

Then you have the best selection of records of different genres, selected by a local artist for you to enjoy on vinyl players with hi quality sound in every room.


Movie Projector in each rooms dubs the hotel to private movie theatre if you please. Free access to Mubi and Netflix will add that extra layer of comfort to your stay.

Vinyl Player

Hand-picked collection of records will await you in every room alongside the record player. Bring some of yours as well, if the deal is right, we will consider the exchange too.


Our partnership with Lolita is close and tight. You can order food from Tbilisi’s favourite kitchen right in your room when you stay at Blueberry Nights.